Till you feel you are desperate suffering from anxiety and panic attacks could be really overwhelming.

Hi and Welcome, this is the very first time I am posting here. I have endured from extreme anxiety for day to day panic attacks since the age of 21, and most of my life. Because of this, I've had to drop out of school, and I am now jobless and I seldom leave my flat
I am now just 22 years old, but I fear departure to the point where intense stress and panic attacks has crippled my entire life.
Right now, I've had nights where I could straightforward not sleep, not a single hours merely thinking all about terrible things, nervousness always arrived with sleeplessness, the only thing that make me sleep again like a baby is Xanax, it take half a pill per night.
I am now just 22 years old, but I felt like I was 42, like my life is in high speed and I am in an extremely low movement with panic that I 'm going to die any time soon.
Physicians haven't had the opportunity to locate anything physically wrong with me, and due to my age, they refuse to examine me. Diagnose me and their remedy was to prescribe me Xanax. It has failed to prevent me from feeling the pain that was persistent and aching sense, and it's failed to prevent me from feeling. Although when I buy it it the Xanax, does help with the panic attacks.
Even Xanax may also be a live saver in that when you may not breath, critical moments, is not the alternative, cause you cannot be groggy all the time, so never and it is vital to find the proper dosage of alprazolam over use it.
That men which will tell you that you will became addictive to it, have no idea how the stress feel and what it can do it to your body and for your regular life, not even mention the sleep and that terrible things that it created, the insomnia that make things even substantially worst.
So suffering from anxiety and panic attacks is not a terminal disease but it feel like it was, try to go out but that feel like scaling a mountain, a relly big one, something extremely difficult to do without Xanax or some other medication that enable you to mitigate that irritating feeling that all is going to end really soon, that existential believed that common people never have and never think about it, unless they truly are drank ? . Thank for reading all this, now is time for my Xanax pills and going to sleep.

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