This is a list of open tasks. Please consult us on the mailinglist before starting to work on these.

Smalltalk in Smalltalk (STInST)


  • Make sure the kernel and packages can be loaded with the Smalltalk in Smalltalk parser.
  • Currently packages like Glib/GTK can not be parsed. The first one appears to fail because of mixing the syntax in the same file and the later because of a GTK import: Glib statement in the Eval.


  • Make sure that the linting does not report anything for the built-in packages.


  • Work on the Cypress file-in and file-out support.


  • SQLite has issues converting SELECT MAX(timestamp) into a DateTime (it is a string)
  • Postgres has various issues writing types. We need test cases and possible travis-ci setup for the datbase code.
  • Change the FieldConverter to add a single place that adds the quotes for some of them? Introduce 'printQuoted:on:' and 'print:on:' as public API to decide if quoting is necessary and then 'writeBoolean:quoted:on'. This avoids the situation we have in the Postgres class right now.
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