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Bruce Badger

Smalltalk application programmer. Author of Smalltalk libraries for PostgreSQL access, PDF generation, Smalltalk portability, GPS receiver access and LDAP clents and servers. Also a significant contributor to the Hyper HTTP server.

Paolo Bonzini

(see also my profile)
I am the maintainer of GNU Smalltalk and a "part-time Smalltalker" since 1993.

Eric Clayberg

St├ęphane Ducasse

Giorgio Ferraris

James Foster

QA Lead, GemStone Systems, Inc.
Developed commercial applications in VSE, VA, and Dolphin.
Played with VW and Squeak.

Martin Kobetic

Craig Latta

Frank Lesser

Smalltalker since 1990, creator of LSWVST.

Martin McClure

Engineering Team Leader, GemBuilder for Smalltalk product, GemStone Systems, Inc.
Since 1985, using Smalltalk/80, VW, GemStone, Squeak, VA.

Esteban Maringolo

Eliot Miranda

John O'Keefe

Doing Smalltalk since 1987. Formerly the team lead at IBM for VisualAge Smalltalk, I am now (since my "retirement") Principal Smalltalk Developer at Instantiations Inc. for VA Smalltalk.

David Pennington

Danny Reinhold

Consultant (software architect and software developer). Current maintainer of Little Smalltalk (which is far from being standard). Using Smalltalk sometimes since... hmmm... around 1990 I think.

Peter van Rooijen

Andres Valloud

Smalltalker since 1996, currently working at Cincom Systems.

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