Iliad, a new lightweight web framework for GNU Smalltalk

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A new lightweight web framework for GNU Smalltalk named Iliad is available for download.

svn co http://bioskop.fr/svn/gst/iliad/trunk iliad

We're working on this framework since a few months now, and we just wanted to share the code with others.

For our personal needs, we wanted to have the following features in the framework:

  • standalone stateful widgets
  • REST-like applications
  • simple API
  • easy to setup and deploy (no complicated configuration step)

Seaside development with GNU Smalltalk

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The next release of GNU Smalltalk will include support for Seaside. This blog post is a short tutorial, which will show how to make your first Seaside component.

To follow this tutorial you need GNU Smalltalk 3.0a (which will be available from ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/smalltalk/smalltalk-3.0a.tar.gz later today) or a later version.

One of the new features in 3.0a and later is the ability to run an image in the background and control it from the shell. For example, you can try these commands:

$ gst-remote --daemon
$ gst-remote --eval '100 factorial'
$ gst-remote --kill

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