Vim and gst REPL

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There is an extremely valuable (and small) vim plugin slime.vim out there, with a nice description of the how, why and what at the author's site:
With this simple plugin, you can edit your code in a vim "worksheet" and send it over to *any* REPL (bash, gst, sbcl, vim, ...) that is running in a screen session.

Emacs-ifying vim's autoindent

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I switch very often between Emacs and vim for my editing, and for this reason I've set up Emacs to use viper (vi emulation) and a couple more hacks that emulate vim's visual mode as well.

More readable code with less typing

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How do you get back into your code after a week of doing something else?

  • Start reading and put comments to what you don't understand.
  • Add the categories you left out last week.

Both tasks involve a lot of typing, but that can be alleviated by using
features of your favorite text editor, vim in my case.

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