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Here is a preview of a prototype of an interface for Gnu Smalltalk and the Gtk+ binding

This is the main window where you can open a new browser (inside a tab or outside), you can create also new workspaces (in a tab or not)

Angry face

There is also the classical browser

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An inspector too with an embeded browser :

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Smalltalk and Turkish

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I realized one important thing which pulls me towards Smalltalk, subconsciously. Smalltalk's syntax resembles Turkish in some ways. I will try to show it via examples.

The first thing which seperates Turkish from other English like languages is that verbs are put at the end of sentences, not after the subject. In English, the order of sentence components is:

Subject verb object.

In Turkish:

Subject object verb.

In Turkish, you can join subject and verb into 1 word. In that case it is like:

Object verb.

When having a dynamic language helps

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I just committed unix-domain sockets (AF_UNIX) for GNU Smalltalk.

GNU Smalltalk's socket library is more or less based on the library, but does not have AF_UNIX sockets! Okay, they are not portable to Windows, but you'd expect someone to have written an extension library for that. But no, there is none. Why?

It turns out that there are two problems.

If you want to understand blocks, then learn Smalltalk

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When I was taking a look at Ruby to learn what is it like, I faced a concept called "block". But I never got it bacause you could do everything with a block, also with traditional methods you learned so far. So I asked myself, why would a human being invent something like block? Maybe this is because of the people who tries to explain the blocks or because of my low IQ but this was the case for me when learning Ruby.

Hi all

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Hi all,

My name is Giuseppe Luigi Punzi, and I'm 25 years old.

I live in Murcia, Spain, and I'm software developer since 12 years old.

My main experience comes from Delphi, .NET, OPL and Oval (this is for develop for Psion platform), with knowledge over Interbase, Firebird, Oracle, SQLServer, Access, VB, and so on. (No, I don't have C/C++ experience, and I think I don't need it)

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