First steps with Iliad (web development with gnu-smalltalk and Iliad)

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The last one and a half week, I was playing with seaside, but now, Nicolas Petton introduced a new web-development framework which is called Iliad that seems so interesting, that I decided to try it out for a new web application, which is currently in a planned status.

And because the documentation and howtos for Iliad is currently not widely accessible, I decided to write a bit about my expiriences.

A walk at the shore part II (configuring and using seaside with apache as a front-end)

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And it's me again...

I'm currently using seaside to create a new WEB-site and I want you to show something of the configuration I use for the connection between seaside and apache, and for configuring seaside through some lines of code instead doing it through the configuration-dialog of seaside.

Apache is configured in my case as a reverse proxy and I needed some time, to figure out, how both should be configured, to let the seaside generated sites display well. (Even with the halos etc.)

A walk at the shore

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After playing around with seaside a bit, I want you to point you to another short seaside tutorial "HOWTO: Build a simple Seaside website in 30 minutes" under

I find it an interesting short tutorial for seaside besides the one on: which is also available as a book.

About the first one, I don't want to explain here something, because the explanations on the mentioned WEB-Site are enough (I think).

How to cotton up to gst (and smalltalk in common)

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Today, eventually, this is a simple advertising of the GtkLauncher, but please read on.

I'm new to smalltalk and therefore, I have to learn a lot. Beside the general syntax - which seems not so hard to learn - I need an overview of the object-library which is used.

The gnu-smalltalk web-site is mostly the first place to look for information and there I found a lot of helpfull small code-snipets (like the one, how to communicate with smtp server - or the one, how to semi-automate the generation of getter- and setter methods and all the nice things).

GtkLauncher 0.3.0

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In this new release you have an improved browser with better refactorings,
undo/redo support, file out for namespace, class, category, method.

Two new tools a Sender and an Implementor browser.

You can save the image.

And off course in this release there are a lot of bug fixes ;)

Enjoy GtkLauncher

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