OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 1: The Environment

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See definition of arcane, if you're curious...

The prototype is done and appreciated, now it's time for blogging about it.The application is intended to be used (next week :-) for administering a test (online, who'd've guessed) to students of a nearby high-school.
The main use cases for the application are:

  • As a teacher I want to develop a test with a set of yes/no/don't know answers, which my pupils can work on at their PCs in the computer lab. Each correct answer is worth an adjustable amount of points, a wrong answer is worth zero points. The total scores shall be presented in a compact list for further use. The individual answers shall be stored on disk in an accessible format.
  • As a student I want to view each exercise on a dedicated page and select my choice by clicking on it.


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After a great brainstorming session with Nicolas Petton (Thanks Nico ;) ). I've changed the main interface of VisualGST and introduced the history support for the navigation through classes. And now you can execute - do it, print, inspect, debug - code inside the browser.

Finally we're close to have a really great IDE for GNU Smalltalk.

Happy hacking with VisualGST !


More readable code with less typing

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How do you get back into your code after a week of doing something else?

  • Start reading and put comments to what you don't understand.
  • Add the categories you left out last week.

Both tasks involve a lot of typing, but that can be alleviated by using
features of your favorite text editor, vim in my case.

DRY package description ... in Smalltalk

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So here we go again ... this time using native Smalltalk code to describe package contents in a DRY way:

Eval [
  PackageBuilder new
    name: 'MyPackage';
    namespace: 'MyNamespace';
    prereq: 'Package1';
    prereq: 'Package2';
    testsBelow: 'Tests' matching: '*.st';
    filein: '';
    filein: '';

One step further with Iliad

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Hi again.

Now I want you to show, how to use the subclassed Iliad.Application class as a real dispatcher.

First, I will create a menu-class, that our web-pages has a seperate menu. And this menu is the same on every page, I created an extra class for that.

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