The absolute beginners guide - Part IX - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (using GtkTreeView as a table)

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Today I want to show, how to use the GtkTreeView as a table.

This could be the killer-app (an emergency-case address-database for our local police-station) where we end with today:


The absolute beginners guide - Part VIII - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (label, entry, button and comboboxentry)

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Hi again,

after I explained yesterday the combobox, today the labels, entries, buttons and an extension to the combobox, the ComboBoxEntry will be discussed. Because the ComboBoxEntry is an enhanced ComboBox with an entry/edit-field, we will first have a look into the GtkEntry and in this step, automatically the Label and the Button. Afterwards, we have a short introduction to the ComboBoxEntry, which is similiar to the ComboBox - maybe, a little bit easier...

The absolute beginners guide - Part VII - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (ComboBoxes)

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After I got now through the creation of combo-boxes, I just want today explain the creation-process.

Update warning:
|Currently, I use 2 extensions to the GTK.GtkComboBox instance in this example. But I currently don't know, if there should be another way or if these changes will go into the original distribution. If that will be clear one day, i might update this thread accordingly.
Might be updated in the future...

The absolute beginners guide - Part VI - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (RAD with gnu smalltalk, gtk and glade)

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After I had some issues with the planned subject of the next guide, I switched - for an example - to glade and would like to show, how you can do RAD with glade and gnu-smalltalk. It's really easy and fast, and you won't blow up your source-code with the complete gui-creation stuff. As an example I picked a password-generator, because I frequently have to set passwords for different user etc. in the company I work for.


The absolute beginners guide - Part V - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (toolbars)

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The thing I want to show today, is enhancing the little application with a toolbar, so let's dig into this...

(Most of the applications which have menus, also have a toolbar. And it is realy easy to set up.)

The nice thing, all toolbar entries should be connected to an existing callback-method in our application, which is reachable already by an menu-entry. A toolbar is only a shortcut to an entry in the menu. So, we only have to design the user-interface, no additional business-logic is needed.

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