Just a few Smalltalk questions

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I have the following questions being new to GNUSmalltalk:

a) What the name used for 3rd party packages?

b) I was wondering, how does obtain a list of GNUSmalltalk 3rd-party libraries via the command line?

c) What's the goal of the image in GNUSmalltalk? Is it to maintain what 3rd-party libraries are loaded

   into GST?

d) Are there plans to make it possible to load 3rd-party libraries outside of the command prompt?

    For example, 

    gst install 

Fun with Cairo and libsdl

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Travis Griggs has been having fun with Cairo and, thanks to the contribution of Tony Garnock-Jones, so am I...

The Cairo and libsdl bindings (Cairo is drawing on a libsdl surface) is not yet in the FSF repository. I'm planning to put up a new git repository with my experiments as soon as possible!

CAPTCHA, the simplest gst external module

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This is a translation of which is a blog post in Japanese by Hiroshi Higa. I don't speak Japanese, so I asked the author to write a very simple summary of the article, which I then augmented.


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I've become spoiled with Python's module and package system. So here I give
you a half baked (but mostly working) alternative package loader.

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