OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 4: More Widgets, AJAX requests

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On the menu for the final part of the series are three widgets that make up the meat of the application, i.e. the part with which the students will be interacting the most.

OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 3: Application, Widgets and View Methods

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Let's hitch a ride with an incoming request to our designated test URL http://localhost:4080/onlinetest and take a look at the scenery. Be warned, though, that I'm easily scared and tend to close my eyes when passing through a tunnel.

OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 2: Models and their use

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The previous post was about infrastructure, now we'll take a short peek into the model classes, before a more thorough walkthrough through Iliad details in the next post(s).

OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 1: The Environment

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See definition of arcane, if you're curious...

The prototype is done and appreciated, now it's time for blogging about it.The application is intended to be used (next week :-) for administering a test (online, who'd've guessed) to students of a nearby high-school.
The main use cases for the application are:

  • As a teacher I want to develop a test with a set of yes/no/don't know answers, which my pupils can work on at their PCs in the computer lab. Each correct answer is worth an adjustable amount of points, a wrong answer is worth zero points. The total scores shall be presented in a compact list for further use. The individual answers shall be stored on disk in an accessible format.
  • As a student I want to view each exercise on a dedicated page and select my choice by clicking on it.

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