Iliad (#show:onAnswer:)



Just a short example of the #show:onAnswer: method of Iliad.

You can call an additional web-page in Iliad and continue afterwards, if the user ends the work on that page, in the same web-page, where you started the call to this page without wild tricks...

So I created a new page for the I forgot my password case for the login dialog.

Iliad (session and statefull forms)


Hello again.

The weekend ends and I used today, to get a bit deeper into Iliad.

I created the login-dialog, which shows you, that if you open it again, the same data apears again that you already typed in and I used the session, to store a switch, if the user is logged in.

So, the first thing I did, was to overwrite the Application initialize method, to initialize the new switch, which I want to save into the session.

initialize [
    super initialize.
    self session preferenceAt: #userLoggedIn put: false.

Iliad examples explained part I: the counter example


Iliad comes with several examples: the seaside-like counter, a simple blog using Magritte, and a todo list application.

I'll try to explain the basics of Iliad through those examples. I will start with the counter example because it is the simplest one and it will look familiar to Seaside users.

In the following it is assumed that Iliad is correctly installed.

Elements and Widgets

To use Iliad, you need to understand two important parts of the framework: Widgets and Elements.

One step further with Iliad

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Hi again.

Now I want you to show, how to use the subclassed Iliad.Application class as a real dispatcher.

First, I will create a menu-class, that our web-pages has a seperate menu. And this menu is the same on every page, I created an extra class for that.

First steps with Iliad (web development with gnu-smalltalk and Iliad)

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The last one and a half week, I was playing with seaside, but now, Nicolas Petton introduced a new web-development framework which is called Iliad that seems so interesting, that I decided to try it out for a new web application, which is currently in a planned status.

And because the documentation and howtos for Iliad is currently not widely accessible, I decided to write a bit about my expiriences.

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