Iliad 0.7.0 is out!


We are proud to announce the release of Iliad version 0.7!

New features include:

- The ability to bookmark AJAX applications
- Important optimizations (Thanks to Paolo Bonzini and Stefan Schmiedl)
- A new XHTMLElement api which follows closely XHTML tags and attribute names, the old one has been moved to deprecated
- A new RSS elements hierarchy
- The javascript layer has been rewritten from scratch
- More widgets in the UI package
- View methods in applications are now called controller methods (this is what they really are about)
- New methods in Widget for control flow like #replace:* methods
- More unit tests
- A lot of cleanup and bug fixes

Iliad examples now online


Iliad examples are now available online.


Bookmarking AJAX applications in Iliad and fixing the back button

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There is a new feature in recent versions of Iliad which allows you to bookmark your AJAX applications and use the back button, using the hash (fragment) of the url.

The idea is to associate a hash to an action. When the action will be evaluated, the corresponding hash will be added to the url by the javascript layer.

To retreive the application state from the hash, a new dedicated route named hashRoute has been introduced.
This route can be used and streamed forward like any other route.

Iliad: a localization package

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First of all, let me tell you that the most pleasant surprise with gst was the community. It's a pleasure to be here and I have to give special thanks to Stefan Schmiedl, who is investing lots of time in discussing my n00by steps and has even found the time to volunteer some code. The second thing is that being back to smalltalk is... a paradise. Back then I “learned to think” in smalltalk, so this is just like being able to communicate in one's mother language after an endless journey abroad.

Public Mercurial repository


There is now a public Mercurial based repository for our dictionary project, published at

Not that it contains much at the moment, apart from a few proofs of concept. Yet, I thought that if anyone was interested in the discussions about localization we are making on the mailing list, this could be of help.

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