Automatic AJAX file upload in Iliad


Until now with Iliad it wasn't possible to use the javascript layer to send an AJAX request when uploading files in a form. The problem with traditional file uploads is that it doesn't feel good with modern web applications, especially applications heavily using AJAX like iliad ones.

Since it's not possible to upload files using the browser's XMLHttpRequest object, I choose to use the well known technique of the hidden iframe used as the target of the form, combined with a real XMLHttpRequest used to update dirty widgets once the first request is complete.

Here is how it looks like together with Formula:

Iliad 0.8 Beta 1


The first beta of the 0.8.x branch of Iliad is finally out!

The release is only available for GNU-Smalltalk for now, but the Squeak/Pharo version should come next week, and a VisualWorks port is expected too.

Iliad now has a mailing-list :)


You can subscribe to the new Iliad mailing list here. On this list we will talk about Iliad related issues and its development.

Questions about the framework are of course welcome!

Nicolas Petton

Formula: Building nice validated forms in Iliad with ease


Building forms is a long, boring and repetitive task.

Hopefully you can use Magritte, a nice meta-description framework which builds forms for your models for you. The problem is that sometimes Magritte is not what you want. You may not want to add class side descriptions to your models everywhere, if all you need is a few forms to edit them.

Another problem is that you end up writing parts the UI in the model. If you reuse your descriptions everywhere it makes sense to avoid duplicating your code, but sometimes those descriptions are just there to build some forms, and at the end it doesn't feel right.

Trying to solve this problem, I wrote a small package for Iliad named Formula. Formula doesn't try to compete with Magritte, it's not about descriptions, just about building forms. It contains widgets for forms, fields and conditions.

Iliad 0.7.1 is out!


We are happy to announce the release of Iliad 0.7.1.

This version fixes a few bugs introduced in Iliad 0.7.0, especially two bugs from the javascript layer and an annoying bug in the debug mode.

GNU-Smalltalkers can clone the git repository from

git clone
cd iliad
git checkout 0.7.1
./ -p 8888

Since some people asked for a preconfigured pharo image, we made one available at:

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