Creating custom stock items in GTK+

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Let's say you want to put a tool button with a custom image, which is not among the stock items, to the toolbar of your GTK+ application. Here is the code for creating additional stock items from custom images:

"Variously sized versions of an image is held inside an icon set and icon sets are held inside icon factories. You may put one size of an image inside an icon set and GTK+ will scale it appropriately for your usage."

"First create an icon factory."
myIconFactory := GtkIconFactory new.

"Add that factory as a default icon factory so that the icons inside it can be found by the application."
myIconFactory addDefault.

"The image we want to create the icon from."
myImage := GtkImage newFromFile: 'Path/To/My/Image.png'.

Hello Planet GNOME

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Hello Planet GNOME,

I am happy to be included on Planet GNOME ;)

My name is Gwenael, I live in the North of France near Lille
( and I am working
on an IDE for GNU Smalltalk (and thus improving the GTK binding
of GNU Smalltalk). GNU Smalltalk is a free implementation of the
Smalltalk language (

Since two years I am working on this IDE named VisualGST
( The goal of
VisualGST is to provided modern all the widgets that
GTK has with the dynamicity of Smalltalk and also to
provide a nice experience for the user. So let me present
you VisualGST ;-)

VisualGST 0.8.0

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VisualGST 0.8.0 is out:

- a new UI
- kill a lot of bugs :D
- internal design changes
- icons for the UI
- Menu, toolbar and popup menu builder
- Sidebar for sender/implementer
- correctly file out a namespace (will be used for packages)
- ...

This release should be more stable, I've removed
the last know bug that crash VisualGST.

What are the plan for the next release:


– PackageSource it will generate a package source and its dep file.
– Bug fixing (yep again :-P)


– write unit test
– Include preferences framework
– migrate to the new state refactoring
– package management within VisualGST with a tool like we
have in linux distro (list of repositories/list of installed packages/…

GTK Tutorial

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Thanks to Nicolas Petton ;)
The GTK Tutorial is now hosted :


Playing with GNU Smalltalk, GTK and Cairo

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Now if you want to make a break after hours of development you can play with
Tetris under GST with GTK+ and Cairo ;)

You can grab it under the VisualGST SVN

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