Disponible GNU Smalltalk 3.2

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GNU Smalltalk Release details traslated to spanish

"El día 2 de Mayo, Paolo, liberó la versión 3.2 de GNU Smalltalk

Según la definición de su web:

GNU Smalltalk, es una implementación libre del lenguaje Smalltalk-80. Funciona en la mayoría de los sistemas operativos compatibles POSIX (incluyendo Linux, por supuesto), al igual que bajo Windows. Smalltalk, es un lenguaje dinámico orientado a objetos.

La versión 3.2, podéis descargarla desde aquí:

     SHA1 checksum: d951714c4fc7d91d06bdc33c20905885e5d2b25f
     SHA1 checksum: 1ff71bf0be7e238eba9485eb6a016bc4faa07cea

Aunque, debido a algunos problemillas de comunicación entre Paolo y el equipo de VisualGST, seguramente, en los próximos días, salga a la luz la versión 3.2.1 con más mejoras..." full entry

GTK Tutorial

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Thanks to Nicolas Petton ;)
The GTK Tutorial is now hosted :


Playing with GNU Smalltalk, GTK and Cairo

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Now if you want to make a break after hours of development you can play with
Tetris under GST with GTK+ and Cairo ;)

You can grab it under the VisualGST SVN

reboot required - a short tale

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So here I am, happily hacking along at my first Iliad web application, when I get all fancy and want to set it up on a public server.

Heh ... a bit of fiddling required, since neither "my" Iliad nor "my" gst are out of the box anymore, but applying two patches is not too hard work.

Now I have everything ready: patched gst starts the REPL, gst-package builds, gst-load -viI OnlineTester ... throws an error, while starting Swazoo. Ah, yes, I think quickly, that port is already in use here. So I change, rinse and repeat ... and the error is still there. A FileError? When opening a socket. What?

DRY package description

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If you are used to having one class per file, package descriptions tend to get a bit unwieldy. Take a look at Iliad's Core/package.xml, as an example. What you see is a lot of typing, some of it, gasp, even repeated. Let's DRY this up a bit.

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