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GNU Smalltalk Monthly Digest (April 2011)

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Welcome to GNU Smalltalk (GST) monthly digest, a place to find a summary of happenings from the world of GST. If you don't know what GST is, you can look at [1] to learn more about this beautiful programming language.

Here are some of the news happened last month:

  • Nicolas Petton announced Jtalk. Jtalk is an implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JavaScript runtime:

  • Gwenael Casaccio is now a part of Planet GNOME:

  • GNU Smalltalk 3.2.4 released:

  • GNU Smalltalk 4.1 is also released:

VisualGST 0.8.0

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VisualGST 0.8.0 is out:

- a new UI
- kill a lot of bugs :D
- internal design changes
- icons for the UI
- Menu, toolbar and popup menu builder
- Sidebar for sender/implementer
- correctly file out a namespace (will be used for packages)
- ...

This release should be more stable, I've removed
the last know bug that crash VisualGST.

What are the plan for the next release:


– PackageSource it will generate a package source and its dep file.
– Bug fixing (yep again :-P)


– write unit test
– Include preferences framework
– migrate to the new state refactoring
– package management within VisualGST with a tool like we
have in linux distro (list of repositories/list of installed packages/…

GNU Smalltalk 3.2 is available

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I'm writing here so that it appears on the planet. GNU Smalltalk 3.2 is now available. It has lots of new features like:

  • gst-browser (or VisualGST), a brand new browser written using GTK+ which replaces the old gst-blox which was written using Tk. It looks beautiful and already has lots of features.
  • gst-package which allows you to download packages via internet. You can grab Iliad Web Framework in just a few seconds and you are ready to go!

More detailed list of the new features and bug fixes are at:

GNU Smalltalk featured on Industry Misinterpretations

This week's episode of James Robertson's podcast features an interview with yours truly. Post your comments and impressions here or on the mailing list!


CAPTCHA, the simplest gst external module

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This is a translation of which is a blog post in Japanese by Hiroshi Higa. I don't speak Japanese, so I asked the author to write a very simple summary of the article, which I then augmented.

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