Playing with GNU Smalltalk, GTK and Cairo

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Now if you want to make a break after hours of development you can play with
Tetris under GST with GTK+ and Cairo ;)

You can grab it under the VisualGST SVN

Playing with Gtk and Cairo

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Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GNU Smalltalk

Cairo is a powerful 2-dimensional graphics library designed to support a number of modern graphics techniques
including stroking, alpha blending and anti-aliasing. It supports multiple output formats, which allows
developers to use the same code to display graphics on the screen, print them to the printer or accelerate
them with OpenGL.

Here is a screenshot of a cairo clock :

Fun with Cairo and libsdl

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Travis Griggs has been having fun with Cairo and, thanks to the contribution of Tony Garnock-Jones, so am I...

The Cairo and libsdl bindings (Cairo is drawing on a libsdl surface) is not yet in the FSF repository. I'm planning to put up a new git repository with my experiments as soon as possible!

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