Bookmarking AJAX applications in Iliad and fixing the back button

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There is a new feature in recent versions of Iliad which allows you to bookmark your AJAX applications and use the back button, using the hash (fragment) of the url.

The idea is to associate a hash to an action. When the action will be evaluated, the corresponding hash will be added to the url by the javascript layer.

To retreive the application state from the hash, a new dedicated route named hashRoute has been introduced.
This route can be used and streamed forward like any other route.

OnlineTester: Benchmarking

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This post describes a session measuring the behavior of an Iliad web application using AJAX request. Memory consumption and run time were investigated for different numbers of simultaneous users.


Memory usage has drastically improved since the first public test session, it is down by about 50%. There is still some room for improvement, but the changes of the last two weeks have been impressive. As far as speed and stability is concerned, the application performs very well, even under (relatively) heavy load.

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