STEPs - Smalltalk enhancement proposals

STEPs are the collaborative space behind the ANSI Smalltalk effort.

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  • Admin: infrastructure that allow our standards work to proceed.
  • People: Profile and bio for people involved in the effort

This page is a work-in-progress.

The standards work will primarily take the form of STEPs (Smalltalk Enhancement Proposals). The current STEP process is defined in STEP 1. This page hosts the STEP catalogue.

Prior to the introduction of the STEP process, work had started on ANSI Smalltalk-98 Errata (John O'Keefe). We should also work on extensions to the least common denominator that Smalltalk-98 provides. Also, there is a list of areas which it was felt were in need of attention but for which nobody has yet stepped forward to work upon; see the todo list.

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