Protocol extensions - Object

Author: Andres Valloud.

Experts: the community at large.

Prerequisites: 1

Supersedes: 1.

Editor: Andres Valloud.

Objective: to update the ANSI spec to contain idioms which are de-facto standards across all Smalltalk implementations.

The following methods are being considered for inclusion (although the outcome for each of them is still undecided).

Object>>become:, specifying it is the two-way become: variety and that it has to exchange identityHash bits.

Object>>ifNil:, ifNotNil:, etc, and their UndefinedObject counterparts.

Object>>instVarAt: and instVarAt:put:.

Object>>performMessage: aMessage, as an addition to perform: aSelector (with a number of arguments).

Object>>mustBeBoolean, the message sent by some VMs when they expect to see a boolean (e.g.: for sending ifTrue:ifFalse:) and they do not.

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