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Wed, 7 October 2009
(diff) (hist)23:20blognew Optimizing HTTP header manipulation, part 2Paolo Bonzini
Mon, 5 October 2009
(diff) (hist)18:48project_issuenew class deletionPaolo Bonzini
Sun, 4 October 2009
(diff) (hist)12:41blognew Optimizing stream operationsPaolo Bonzini
Fri, 2 October 2009
(diff) (hist)17:04blognew Iliad 0.7.0 is out!Nicolas Petton
Thu, 1 October 2009
(diff) (hist)15:31project_issuenew iliad.js and IE6/7Nicolas Petton
Wed, 30 September 2009
(diff) (hist)14:23project_issuenew enable GUI notifiersPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)14:23project_issuenew fileouts don't workPaolo Bonzini
Tue, 29 September 2009
(diff) (hist)08:34project_issuenew use WeakValueDictionaries for modelsPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:34project_issuenew split SystemChangeNotifier initializations across model classesPaolo Bonzini
Sun, 27 September 2009
(diff) (hist)20:07blognew SandstoneDb now ported to GNU-Smalltalk!Nicolas Petton
Wed, 23 September 2009
(diff) (hist)18:38project_issuenew backtraces in SUnit browserPaolo Bonzini
Mon, 21 September 2009
(diff) (hist)19:54project_issuenew tools menu items fail with DNUPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)19:54project_issuenew GTKSUnitResult new doesNotUnderstand: #onPress:event:Paolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)19:54project_issuenew should hide webkit tools when unavailablePaolo Bonzini
Sat, 19 September 2009
(diff) (hist)20:17project_issuenew GtkClassBrowserWidget>>#selectAnInstanceMethod: and #selectAClassMethod: are identical?Paolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)15:36project_issuenew Show superclasses from another namespace in parenthesesPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)15:30project_issuenew When loading a class, " class" is still tacked at the end of itPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)15:29project_issuenew method-save dialog issuesPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)15:28project_issuenew context menu from the text buffer does not have accept itemPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)15:28project_issuenew No accept-it method in the Sender browserPaolo Bonzini
Wed, 16 September 2009
(diff) (hist)18:49project_issuenew closing the main browser should ask about saving the image and exitPaolo Bonzini
Tue, 15 September 2009
(diff) (hist)18:16project_issuenew add "cancel edits" menu itemPaolo Bonzini
Mon, 14 September 2009
(diff) (hist)07:40project_issuenew String>>escapeRegex fails on Strings including an asteriskPaolo Bonzini
Sun, 13 September 2009
(diff) (hist)18:20project_issuenew gst-convert broken in git treePaolo Bonzini
Fri, 11 September 2009
(diff) (hist)21:37project_issuenew closing transcript tab gives errorPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)21:37project_issuenew menu items fail with #doesNotUnderstand:Paolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew tools->browser menu itemPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew typosPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew show "Foo" instead of "Foo class" as class browserPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew adding "clear" to transcript context menuPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew new transcript output inserted at pointPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:17project_issuenew move project tools to svn branchPaolo Bonzini
Wed, 9 September 2009
(diff) (hist)07:59project_issuenew CObject subclasses fileouts include shapePaolo Bonzini
Thu, 3 September 2009
(diff) (hist)19:01project_issuenew Crash on invalid class variable definitionPaolo Bonzini
Wed, 2 September 2009
(diff) (hist)20:20project_issuenew command-line handling sigsegvPaolo Bonzini
Tue, 25 August 2009
(diff) (hist)18:58project_issuenew recent blog spamPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)09:18pagenew ContributingPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)09:12wikiMissing manual pagesPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)09:09wikiHacker's guidePaolo BonziniCopy of the revision from Tue, 08/25/2009 - 11:06.
(diff) (hist)09:08wikinew Hacker's guide: Debugging and patching the kernelPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)09:07wikinew Hacker's guide: Working in the build treePaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)09:07wikinew Hacker's guide: Creating new packagesPaolo Bonzini
Mon, 24 August 2009
(diff) (hist)12:49project_issuenew GST Compiling is Too SlowPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)12:31project_issuenew full bindings not generatedPaolo Bonzini
Tue, 18 August 2009
(diff) (hist)13:45blognew Playing with GNU Smalltalk, GTK and CairoGwenael Casaccio
(diff) (hist)12:54blognew Iliad examples now onlineNicolas Petton
(diff) (hist)05:40faqnew What is a relocatable install? Are GNU Smalltalk installations relocatable?Paolo BonziniSimplify since there are no more issues under Windows
Mon, 17 August 2009
(diff) (hist)16:02blognew Bookmarking AJAX applications in Iliad and fixing the back buttonNicolas Petton
(diff) (hist)08:10project_issuenew GTK does not build on UbuntuPaolo Bonzini
(diff) (hist)08:03blognew GNU Smalltalk featured on Industry MisinterpretationsPaolo Bonzini
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