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GNU Smalltalk"Accepting" code changes can silently failcommittednormalbug4 years 14 weeksGwenael Casaccio
GNU Smalltalknewly added tree items are not sortedactivenormalbug4 years 31 weeks
GNU SmalltalkImplement atomic recompilation and class mutationactivenormaltask4 years 17 weeks
GNU SmalltalkCan't accept class method changesactivenormalbug4 years 13 weeks
GNU Smalltalkgst-doc fails to generate documentation for packagactivenormalbug4 years 12 weeks
GNU SmalltalkRedeclaration of instance variablesactiveminorbug4 years 6 weeks
GNU SmalltalkNamespace current not being per-processactivenormalbug4 years 1 week
GNU SmalltalkFreeze when running a dialogactivenormalbug3 years 26 weeks
GNU SmalltalkArray printing aesthetic erroractivenormalbug3 years 24 weeks
GNU SmalltalkvisualGST: can't start workspaceactivenormalbug3 years 16 weeks
GNU Smalltalkinvalid symlinks created when destination directoractivenormalbug3 years 8 weeks
GNU SmalltalkMore Delay testsactivenormaltask2 years 50 weeks
GNU SmalltalkProcess testsactivenormaltask2 years 48 weeks
GNU SmalltalkSTCompiler optimization for loopsactivenormalfeature2 years 48 weeks
GNU SmalltalkCompiledMethod postCopyactivenormalbug2 years 47 weeks
GNU SmalltalkRedefining a class and accessing an old selector/vactivenormalbug2 years 21 weeks
GNU SmalltalkExamples of C calling Smalltalk calling C?activenormalfeature2 years 21 weeks
GNU SmalltalkMake Link subclass of Iterableactivenormalfeature2 years 20 weeks
GNU SmalltalkDBD-SQLite ResultSet should access rows on demandactivenormalfeature2 years 9 weeks
GNU SmalltalkParsing state not properly reset on parse erroractivenormalbug1 year 50 weeks
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