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GNU Smalltalk"Accepting" code changes can silently failcommittednormalbug5 years 6 weeksGwenael Casaccio
GNU Smalltalknewly added tree items are not sortedactivenormalbug5 years 23 weeks
GNU SmalltalkImplement atomic recompilation and class mutationactivenormaltask5 years 9 weeks
GNU SmalltalkCan't accept class method changesactivenormalbug5 years 5 weeks
GNU Smalltalkgst-doc fails to generate documentation for packagactivenormalbug5 years 4 weeks
GNU SmalltalkRedeclaration of instance variablesactiveminorbug4 years 50 weeks
GNU SmalltalkNamespace current not being per-processactivenormalbug4 years 45 weeks
GNU SmalltalkFreeze when running a dialogactivenormalbug4 years 17 weeks
GNU SmalltalkArray printing aesthetic erroractivenormalbug4 years 16 weeks
GNU SmalltalkvisualGST: can't start workspaceactivenormalbug4 years 7 weeks
GNU Smalltalkinvalid symlinks created when destination directoractivenormalbug4 years 2 days
GNU SmalltalkMore Delay testsactivenormaltask3 years 42 weeks
GNU SmalltalkProcess testsactivenormaltask3 years 40 weeks
GNU SmalltalkSTCompiler optimization for loopsactivenormalfeature3 years 40 weeks
GNU SmalltalkCompiledMethod postCopyactivenormalbug3 years 38 weeks
GNU SmalltalkRedefining a class and accessing an old selector/vactivenormalbug3 years 13 weeks
GNU SmalltalkExamples of C calling Smalltalk calling C?activenormalfeature3 years 12 weeks
GNU SmalltalkMake Link subclass of Iterableactivenormalfeature3 years 12 weeks
GNU SmalltalkDBD-SQLite ResultSet should access rows on demandactivenormalfeature3 years 1 week
GNU SmalltalkParsing state not properly reset on parse erroractivenormalbug2 years 41 weeks
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