Issues for GNU Smalltalk

Summarysort iconStatusPriCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
Add support for PreparedStatements to MySQL and Poactivenormaltask10 years 10 weeks
allow different tools to be opened in the same wincommittednormaltask7 years 43 weeks
Implement atomic recompilation and class mutationactivenormaltask7 years 46 weeks
More Delay testsactivenormaltask6 years 27 weeks
Package UIactivenormaltask8 years 30 weeksGwenael Casaccio
Process testsactivenormaltask6 years 25 weeks
shared pool environment for compile-time evaluatioactivenormaltask7 years 23 weeks
Use VFS to avoid creating temporary files for downactivenormaltask10 years 46 weeks
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