Issues for GNU Smalltalk

SummaryStatusPrisort iconCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
Make fails under OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite)activenormalbug2 years 22 weeks
Examples of C calling Smalltalk calling C?activenormalfeature5 years 6 weeks
Redefining a class and accessing an old selector/vactivenormalbug5 years 7 weeks
CompiledMethod postCopyactivenormalbug5 years 32 weeks
STCompiler optimization for loopsactivenormalfeature5 years 33 weeks
Process testsactivenormaltask5 years 34 weeks
More Delay testsactivenormaltask5 years 36 weeks
invalid symlinks created when destination directoractivenormalbug5 years 46 weeks
visualGST: can't start workspaceactivenormalbug6 years 1 week
Array printing aesthetic erroractivenormalbug6 years 10 weeks
Freeze when running a dialogactivenormalbug6 years 11 weeks
Make Link subclass of Iterableactivenormalfeature5 years 6 weeks
DBD-SQLite ResultSet should access rows on demandactivenormalfeature4 years 47 weeks
Parsing state not properly reset on parse erroractivenormalbug4 years 35 weeks
autoreconf fails in 64 bit LinuxMintactivenormalbug2 years 46 weeks
"DateTime printOn:" output cannot be parsed with "activenormalbug3 years 7 weeks
URL decodedFields causes ArgumentOutOfRange exceptactivenormalbug3 years 8 weeks
Line numbers not reported at start of blocksactivenormalbug3 years 22 weeks
Parameter parsing in gst-tool.c can cause out of bactivenormalbug1 year 36 weeks
STInST and gst-parse.c are inconsistent on parsingactivenormalbug4 years 5 weeks
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