Issues for GNU Smalltalk

SummaryStatusPriCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
Use VFS to avoid creating temporary files for downactivenormaltask11 years 47 weeks
Sockets should accept integers/bytearrays as well postponedminortask11 years 28 weeks
POP client crashes when an email has an attachmentactivenormalbug11 years 25 weeks
Baseless Recursion Crash VMactivenormalfeature11 years 23 weeks
Add support for PreparedStatements to MySQL and Poactivenormaltask11 years 11 weeks
--enable-jit make failsactivenormalbug10 years 43 weeksPaolo Bonzini
Number comparisons not transitiveactivenormalbug10 years 32 weeks
Send Mail from within a NetClients socket handler activenormalbug10 years 32 weeks
Show superclasses from another namespace in parentactivenormalbug9 years 48 weeks
awful memory usage with lots of big objectsneed infonormalbug9 years 41 weeks
RBFormatter>>#acceptMethodNode: output category twactivenormalbug9 years 38 weeksPaolo Bonzini
Package UIactivenormaltask9 years 31 weeksGwenael Casaccio
Number>>to:do: inlining is not transparent when lopostponednormalbug9 years 30 weeksPaolo Bonzini
Documentation on contains a link to noactivenormalbug9 years 12 weeks
newly added tree items are not sortedactivenormalbug9 years 8 weeks
gst-remote --kill with Iliad loadedactivenormalbug9 years 3 weeks
Implement atomic recompilation and class mutationactivenormaltask8 years 47 weeks
"Accepting" code changes can silently failcommittednormalbug8 years 44 weeksGwenael Casaccio
allow different tools to be opened in the same wincommittednormaltask8 years 44 weeks
fileouts and formattingpostponedminorfeature8 years 44 weeksGwenael Casaccio
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