Issues for GNU Smalltalk

SummaryStatusPriCategorysort iconLast updatedAssigned to
POP client crashes when an email has an attachmentactivenormalbug9 years 41 weeks
awful memory usage with lots of big objectsneed infonormalbug8 years 5 weeks
--enable-jit make failsactivenormalbug9 years 7 weeksPaolo Bonzini
Number comparisons not transitiveactivenormalbug8 years 48 weeks
Send Mail from within a NetClients socket handler activenormalbug8 years 48 weeks
Show superclasses from another namespace in parentactivenormalbug8 years 12 weeks
extend DLD to support loading Mac OS X frameworksactiveminorbug2 years 44 weeksPaolo Bonzini
RBFormatter>>#acceptMethodNode: output category twactivenormalbug8 years 2 weeksPaolo Bonzini
Number>>to:do: inlining is not transparent when lopostponednormalbug7 years 46 weeksPaolo Bonzini
gst-remote --kill with Iliad loadedactivenormalbug7 years 19 weeks
Documentation on contains a link to noactivenormalbug7 years 28 weeks
"Accepting" code changes can silently failcommittednormalbug7 years 8 weeksGwenael Casaccio
newly added tree items are not sortedactivenormalbug7 years 25 weeks
Can't accept class method changesactivenormalbug7 years 6 weeks
gst-doc fails to generate documentation for packagactivenormalbug7 years 6 weeks
Redeclaration of instance variablesactiveminorbug7 years 1 day
Namespace current not being per-processactivenormalbug6 years 47 weeks
Freeze when running a dialogactivenormalbug6 years 19 weeks
Array printing aesthetic erroractivenormalbug6 years 18 weeks
visualGST: can't start workspaceactivenormalbug6 years 9 weeks
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