Issues for GNU Smalltalk

SummaryStatusPriCategoryLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
Use VFS to avoid creating temporary files for downactivenormaltask11 years 47 weeks
Baseless Recursion Crash VMactivenormalfeature11 years 23 weeks
Number comparisons not transitiveactivenormalbug10 years 32 weeks
newly added tree items are not sortedactivenormalbug9 years 8 weeks
Redeclaration of instance variablesactiveminorbug8 years 36 weeks
visualGST: can't start workspaceactivenormalbug7 years 45 weeks
STCompiler optimization for loopsactivenormalfeature7 years 25 weeks
Make Link subclass of Iterableactivenormalfeature6 years 50 weeks
Parsing of selectors with underscore is brokenactivenormalbug6 years 21 weeks
Parameter parsing in gst-tool.c can cause out of bactivenormalbug3 years 28 weeks
autoreconf fails in 64 bit LinuxMintactivenormalbug4 years 38 weeks
Add support for PreparedStatements to MySQL and Poactivenormaltask11 years 11 weeks
POP client crashes when an email has an attachmentactivenormalbug11 years 25 weeks
gst-doc fails to generate documentation for packagactivenormalbug8 years 42 weeks
Array printing aesthetic erroractivenormalbug8 years 2 weeks
Process testsactivenormaltask7 years 26 weeks
Examples of C calling Smalltalk calling C?activenormalfeature6 years 50 weeks
Kernel.ConcatenatedStream fails when re-positionedactivenormalbug6 years 27 weeks
STInST and gst-parse.c are inconsistent on parsingactivenormalbug5 years 49 weeks
"DateTime printOn:" output cannot be parsed with "activenormalbug4 years 51 weeks
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