Debug report wrong line number

Project:GNU Smalltalk
Component:Base classes

When in a VisualGST workspace I debug '1 printNl'
I step multiple times to : Integer>>#printString:
after two steps it goes to the wrong line number (14)
when it should be 8 or 6.

It seems that
^lineMap at: (aContext ip + 1 max: 1) ifAbsent: [1] fix the problem
in Debugger>>currentLineIn:


#1 submitted by Holger Hans Pet... on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 08:29

We are playing ping-pong here. The +1 was changed to a -1 in dd1f241bf27756bfa41057bc6368483dc25c3da7. This change doesn't have a testcase and I couldn't find the bug description in the mailinglist archive.

So by changing it back to +1 we will break something. So please create a new testcase that shows your issue and can be used for regression testing.

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