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git@github.com:MrGwen/gst-smalltalk.git package git@github.com:MrGwen/gst-smalltalk.git package
- from Paolo: "pull from my VisualGST repo and do it as PackageSource on top of commit e976ee84" + PackageSource

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Gwen To Do List

== My Task List: ==

- UnicodeCharacter speed up:
git://github.com/MrGwen/GNU-Smalltalk.git on the uchar branch

the vm has been updated need to be review.

- Shape:
git://github.com/MrGwen/GNU-Smalltalk.git on the shape branch

1) use singletons. Creating instances all the time is not acceptable. [ Done ]
2) no empty classes. [ Done ]
3) no empty methods returning self. Leave those unimplemented or use #subclassResponsibility.
4) methods such as wrongClassIfFloatShape: and wrongClassIfCharacterShape: make no sense. Just override checkArgumentClass: instead.
5) #shape: not implemented yet using shapes, as a result #resolveShape: is unused. [ WIP ]
6) no class-method-only classes. Move those to Shape. [ Done ]

- PackageLoader fileOutPackage:

git@github.com:MrGwen/gst-smalltalk.git package


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