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* [[GST-Ligthning]]: lightning binding for gst * [[GST-Ligthning]]: lightning binding for gst
* [[MrGwen]]: MrGwen To Do list * [[MrGwen]]: MrGwen To Do list
 +* [[gst-package]]: Package Idea
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Main Page

Welcome to the GNU Smalltalk wiki!

If you are logged in, you can make changes to the wiki, using MediaWiki syntax. You can experiment with the syntax in the Sandbox.

Trails from here:

  • Events: GNU Smalltalk Events

This wiki also hosts the collaborative space for the STEPs (formerly ANSI Smalltalk) community effort.

  • Admin: Getting the project started, looking after the mail list server etc etc
  • Meta: The structure of the project work and the form of the standard document
  • Smalltalk: Specifying the standard elements of a Smalltalk system
  • People: Profile and bio for people involved in the effort

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