GNU Smalltalk 3.2.4


GNU Smalltalk 3.2.4 has been released at

This is a minor release, mostly consisting of bug fixes.

This is the list of changes in this release:

  • Autoload is extended to allow plugging in arbitrary loaders.
  • Array items in a CStruct didn't work, this is fixed now.
  • DLD could have problems when the same library was requested multiple times.
  • Errors in the bind() system call were not detected correctly; this has been fixed.
  • Fixes for platforms with 113-bit long doubles.
  • Fixes to Delay in the presence of delays with the exact same expiration.
  • Fixes to the HTTP package, including correct flushing of POST requests and doesNotUnderstand exceptions when the host did not exist.
  • GLUT bindings now build correctly under Windows.
  • Many smalltalk-mode improvements.
  • New methods: TextCollector>>#critical:,
  • nil can be passed to a C function accepting a #cObjectPtr (i.e. void **) argument.
  • SocketAddress>>#allByName: returns nil now, instead of an empty array, when getaddrinfo succeeds but returns no address for the requested address class.
  • SocketAddress>>#byName: returns addresses for the default address class when the receiver is SocketAddress (and not a subclass).
  • Support for older versions of GnuTLS.
  • Swazoo's static content serving was broken and has been fixed.
  • The NetClients exception ProtocolError now includes the erroneous response. Similarly, the package includes ProtocolNotification which is used, for example, for HTTP redirects.
  • Updated the Squeak/Pharo fileout parser.
  • Updated VisualGST.

I prefer developing using the VisualGST Browser. Unfortunately the Transcript is gone and so are the workspaces.


It is still present but hidden, press F4

Manythanx! - It's such a beautyful thang. ;)

Very nice. It's getting better every time. Using Smalltalk as a scripting environment for the GNOME desktop is really amazing.

Thumbs up!

I failed with MGwin as well :/

these test failed for me. Compiled on cygwin, windows XP. Everything else looks fine.

112: Complex FAILED (
113: Continuations ok
114: DBD-MySQL skipped (
115: DBD-SQLite skipped (
116: DebugTools ok
117: DhbNumericalMethods ok
118: Digest FAILED (
119: GDBM skipped (
120: Iconv FAILED (
121: Magritte ok
122: ROE skipped (
123: SandstoneDb ok
124: Seaside-Core FAILED (
125: Sockets expected failure (
126: Sport FAILED (
127: Swazoo FAILED (
128: XML-XMLParser ok
129: XML-Expat ok
130: ZLib skipped (


When doing ./configure, I saw quite a few things missing in my newly installed cygwin system. I doubt that the main reason why testing is failed.

Any one can help list of the necessary cygwin pakages for compiling gnu smalltalk?


I hope there be a windows binary - at least zip :-) - for MS Windows.

I would like to see a windows binary too!

Perhaps we shall see it in the next updated version?

Me too! Any chance we'll see one?


I've made a precompiled version of GST (32 bits) for Windows.
You can find them there :

Since this is a beta version, please report all the bugs for the binaries!!!


Thank you very much for building this. I tried several times with several versions of GST but always failed.

Unfortunately I have a problem: When I start gst-blox I get the error:

Object: PackageLoader class error: Invalid argument BloxTK: package not found

The same happens with: gst-load Blox

I tried the following, all with the same result:
1. unpack \gst-win to c:\apps\gst-win
2. unpack it in the MSYS-Home \home\markus\gst-win
3. in the file gnu-smalltalk.pc change all occurencies of "gwenael" to my username

Am I missing something or is there a bug?


This is a beta packaging for Windows so thanks for reporting
that bug; right now I have not added external dependencies
with GNU Smalltalk binaries thus you've to add Gtk/Tk/... dlls
by yourself.

For the next iteration I would like to add some of them
(at least for the UI)


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