GNU Smalltalk 3.0.1


GNU Smalltalk 3.0.1 can now be downloaded at the following URLs

The following is a list of fixes. Thanks to everyone who reported the bugs:

  • `gst-package --list-files' emits file paths relative from the current directory. The --destdir and -t options are rejected. --list-files supports options --load and --test.
  • The documentation for a package can now be built even if the corresponding .star file is not installed. Since documentation is part of the tarball, this problem with 3.0 was actually only visible if you modified packages for which you lacked the support libraries in /usr/lib (e.g. Tcl/Tk for package BloxTK).
  • Added SequenceableCollection>>#atRandom and String>>#allOccurrencesOfRegex:
  • Eliminated possible infinite loop in CompiledCode>>#hash.
  • Fixed crash on LargeInteger>>#divExact: for huge numerator and small denominator.
  • Fixed ping-pong between two sizes (continuously growing and shrinking) in OrderedCollection.
  • Fixed undeclared variable PackageNotAvailable in the default image.
  • Fixed Symbol>>#numArgs for methods starting with an underscore.
  • Fixed problems with substitution of regexes that match the empty string.
  • Fixed problems with very short delays.
  • Fixed segmentation violation when gethostbyname returned NULL.
  • Test is XFAILed on alpha due to kernel bug 9751.

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