Can you help hosting a project on your site?


Yes. You will have to put the source code elsewhere, however by registering on the Hosted projects section you will be access to an issue tracker and your package will be easily downloadable into GNU Smalltalk.

The code will be hosted elsewhere; a common choice is GitHub. You will have to provide a link to the repository; this is done through an additional level of indirection.

In a project's edit page you can specify a URL to a package.xml file. Usually, this URL points inside a source code repository, for example to a gitweb or GitHub page. It usually looks like Inside this package.xml file, the <url> tag will point to the repository (svn or git) containing the same package.xml file at its root, for example git:// You can specify a branch by appending its name to the end of the URL preceded by a hash sign, for example .../iliad.git#stable.

This additional indirection may seems like a useless complication, but it makes it easier for the gst-package tool (and ultimately for your users) to upgrade your package.

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