Traditionally, GNU Smalltalk had a major release about every year. When a major release is made, development is branched and new stable releases are made as necessary (approximately every two months) until the next major release is ready.

Current release

The current stable release is GNU Smalltalk 3.2.5, released April 11th 2013. Highlights of the 3.2 release include:

  • New graphical interface VisualGST, loaded with gst-browser. The old browser is still available, but obsolete. Contributed by Gwenael Casaccio.
  • New ProfilerTools package for callgraph profiling of Smalltalk programs. Contributed by Derek Zhou.
  • Incremental garbage collection.
  • Downloadable packages for projects hosted at
  • Support for Iliad.
  • Extended XML support: Expat bindings and pull parsing.
  • Improved portability.

Development releases

Discussion on what to include in future development releases is open. If you want to contribute, write to the GNU Smalltalk mailing list.

Past releases

3.1.x (October 2008)
New packages (Swazoo, Seaside, ROE, Magritte, Cairo, SDL), IPv6 support, improved FFI, a new filesystem interface, remotely controllable virtual machine instances.
3.0.x (January 2008)
New syntax for simpler scripting, continuations and generators, DBI, .star packages.
2.3.x (December 2006)
Unicode support, improved regular expressions support, NCurses bindings, improved package manager and testsuite, continuations.
2.2.x (November 2005)
Rewritten bytecode interpreter, shared library support, Glorp goodie, pragmas, sandboxing infrastructure.
2.1.x (April 2003)
Ephemerons (finalization), generational/incremental GC, improved package system, embryonic debugger, MySQL goodie, new parser based on the Refactoring Browser, XML/SAX 2.0 goodie, GTK+ bindings.
2.0.x (June 2002)
Just-in-time compiler, GMP support, namespaces widely used, backwards-incompatible ANSI compatibility fixes, virtual filesystem layer, NaN/infinity support, NetClients goodie.
1.95.x (October 2001)
malloced objects, ANSI compatibility, exception handling, socket library, SUnit support, web server goodie, non-blocking I/O, regular expression goodie, i18n for Smalltalk programs.
1.8.x (January 2001)
Bug fixes, {...} array constructor syntax.
1.7.x (June 2000)
More block optimization, full LargeInteger support, namespaces.
1.6.x (1999)
Blocks as closures, improved speed, finalization, read-only constants, weak objects, LargeInteger operations, more functionality in the base classes.
1.1.x (1991)
First publicly available version.

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