GNU Smalltalk's development model is similar to that adopted for the Linux kernel. While there is one maintainer taking care of integration of features in the main distribution, people are encouraged to contribute to the project with their skills and their curiosity.

If you are writing an extension to GNU Smalltalk, such as bindings for a new library, a port of a piece of software from another dialect, a new port, or a new tool that developers could use, please keep in mind the importance of keeping other possibly interested parties informed. You can have an important part in making GNU Smalltalk successful by sharing your work, and letting us know the problems you had so that we can fix them once and for all.

Nobody likes to do a lot of work and find it was duplicated effort. So when you work on a major new feature, you should write about what you are working on, and give occasional reports of how far you have come and how confident you are that you will finish the job. The blogging feature of this site, as well as the wiki can be useful tools to this end.

Git is the primary version control system used in GNU Smalltalk's development; by installing git you can help testing bleeding edge versions of GNU Smalltalk. Furthermore, by setting up your own public repositories for GNU Smalltalk branches, you will ease integration of your changes into the main distribution.

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