Disponible GNU Smalltalk 3.2

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GNU Smalltalk Release details traslated to spanish

"El día 2 de Mayo, Paolo, liberó la versión 3.2 de GNU Smalltalk

Según la definición de su web:

GNU Smalltalk, es una implementación libre del lenguaje Smalltalk-80. Funciona en la mayoría de los sistemas operativos compatibles POSIX (incluyendo Linux, por supuesto), al igual que bajo Windows. Smalltalk, es un lenguaje dinámico orientado a objetos.

La versión 3.2, podéis descargarla desde aquí:

     SHA1 checksum: d951714c4fc7d91d06bdc33c20905885e5d2b25f
     SHA1 checksum: 1ff71bf0be7e238eba9485eb6a016bc4faa07cea

Aunque, debido a algunos problemillas de comunicación entre Paolo y el equipo de VisualGST, seguramente, en los próximos días, salga a la luz la versión 3.2.1 con más mejoras..." full entry

Iliad 0.8.1 released!


We just released Iliad 0.8.1. This is a bug fix release with small improvements.

Especially, we fixed an annoying bug related with session expiration, and improved Formula with global conditions and errors. The Comet API changed a bit too, you can read a blog post about it:

We also removed all hard-coded javascript generated in HTML pages. The javascript layer is now entirely responsible for automatic AJAX.

We encourage everyone using Iliad 0.8 to upgrade to 0.8.1.

Iliad applications with Comet

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Iliad 0.8 features a Comet implementation using XmlHttpRequest long polling. In this post I'll explain here how to build a very simple Comet application with a counter.

Application instances will share the same counter model. Comet counter widgets are similar to the counter example widget, except that they will register to comet events, and trigger them when the count value changes, pretty much like announcements.

When a comet event is triggered, all widgets which registered to the event class will be rebuilt.

GNU Smalltalk 3.2 is available

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I'm writing here so that it appears on the planet. GNU Smalltalk 3.2 is now available. It has lots of new features like:

  • gst-browser (or VisualGST), a brand new browser written using GTK+ which replaces the old gst-blox which was written using Tk. It looks beautiful and already has lots of features.
  • gst-package which allows you to download packages via internet. You can grab Iliad Web Framework in just a few seconds and you are ready to go!

More detailed list of the new features and bug fixes are at:

Iliad 0.8 released!


We are happy to announce the release of Iliad version 0.8 for GNU Smalltalk et Pharo.

New features include:

  • Iliad is now using Grease and non portable code has been partially replaced;
  • The "mark dirty" mechanism has been rewritten to improve support for tabs/windows sharing the same session;
  • The new Formula package makes it easy to build validated forms;
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