Iliad 0.9.1 released


We are happy to announce the release of Iliad 0.9.1 for GNU Smalltalk, Pharo and Squeak.
This is a bug fix release.

Download & installation instructions can be found at
The website also received some love and is now wearing a new design.

Happy Iliad hacking,
Nicolas Petton & Sébastien Audier

Iliad 0.9 is out!


We are proud to announce the release of Iliad 0.9.

Changes include:

  • several improvements in Formula, including number input support
  • a Better detection of dirty widgets to avoid rebuilding widgets several times
  • iliad.js can be enabled/disabled with iliad.enableAjax() / iliad.disableAjax()
  • improvements of the API for redirection links
  • the initial redirect in the dispatcher has been removed
  • support for even/odd columns in ILDatagrid
  • as usual, a lot of bug has been fixed

Iliad 0.9 is available for GNU-Smalltalk, a Pharo port will follow.

You can install it using gst-package:

gst-package --download grease -t ~/.st
gst-package --download iliad -t ~/.st

PetitParser for GNU Smalltalk


On and off the last couple of weeks I have ported PetitParser to GNU Smalltalk. I am still a Smalltalk newbie and it was a nice learning experience and it helped me to improve the way I code on GNU Smalltalk and to learn more about GNU Smalltalk and ANSI Smalltalk.

To load the one can type:

To load the into the image do:
PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'PetitParser'

There are some differences between the real PetitParser and this port. GNU Smalltalk does not support binary selectors that have more than two charachters. This means that ==> and >=> had to be mapped to something else. I have picked => and >< for now.

GNU Lightning binding

Hi everybody,

Mathieu and I are proud to announce the first release
of the GNU Lightning binding for GNU Smalltalk. GNU
lightning exposes a portable interface for generating
machine language at run-time. GNU lightning is fast and
tries to be as little intrusive as possible, so that the
generated code can also be optimized easily. So far,
it has been ported to the x86, SPARC and PowerPC

You can find the source code here:

To install it:

git clone git://
autoreconf -vi

Two geeks in Genova

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Sébastien and I are spending the week in Genova, Italy.
We try to leave our computers from time to time to visit the coast of Liguria and the city. Portofino was absolutely beautiful.


We still find some time to hack on Iliad ;)


If you're near Genova and want to have a beer, let us now!


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