Swazoo runs on GST!

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That's it! Swazoo runs on GNU Smalltalk! Code is not yet committed, but it works and passes the entire testsuite.

This script for example will start a web server on http://localhost:8888/

PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'Swazoo'.

Swazoo.Resource subclass: MyResource [
    answerTo: aRequest [
        | response |
        response := Swazoo.HTTPResponse ok.
        response entity: '<h1>Hello World!</h1>'.

site := Swazoo.Site new name: 'test'. "name is just for convenience"
site host: 'localhost' ip: '' port: 8888.

Using git without feeling stupid (part 2)

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In the first installment, I showed how basic usage of git does not need any concept that is unique to a particular version control system. In this installment, I'll introduce more usage of git that requires learning a concept or two.

Using git without feeling stupid (part 1)

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More and more projects are switching over to git or other distributed VCS. Even projects using centralized servers are doing so, because even if your project doesn't have a network of developers each with their own repository, distributed VCS have a very nice set of additional features. For example, the set of available offline operations is very complete; and as a consequence, not relying on network connection makes the system much faster even when you are not offline. Also, the possibility to quickly create and throw away branches makes it easier to do experiments.

Symbol >> #numArgs

I have been working on and off for the past couple of years on a Prototype Object language (called Twain) similar to Self in my spare time. I have developed about a dozen partial implementation in Haskell, Scheme, Squeak, Visual Works, GST, Python, C, etc.

The most recent of these has been an interpreter in GST. Since there are a lot of similarities between Smalltalk and my target language, and openness of the class Smalltalk language, I've been able to piggy back on many of the standard Smalltalk classes for the primitive data types.

CAPTCHA, the simplest gst external module

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This is a translation of which is a blog post in Japanese by Hiroshi Higa. I don't speak Japanese, so I asked the author to write a very simple summary of the article, which I then augmented.

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