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You can subscribe to the new Iliad mailing list here. On this list we will talk about Iliad related issues and its development.

Questions about the framework are of course welcome!

Nicolas Petton

Kate text editor for smalltalkers


Kate is a powerful text editor. I used it in the past, but unfortunately it doesn't have smalltalk syntax highlighting and I'm a big fan of Vim.

Yesterday I gave Kate another try, and I discovered that it has a VI mode in KDE4! It was enough for me to hack it a bit :)

First I wanted to force Kate to produce the right indentation, like I did for Vim, so I added a custom filetype for smalltalk files, and added the following variables:

kate: indent-width 4; mixedindent on; tab-width 8; 

The next step was to add syntax highlighting for Smalltalk files. Writing syntax files for Kate is actually very easy, and very well explained.

GTK Tutorial for GNU Smalltalk


I am working on the translation of the PyGTK tutorial for GNU Smalltalk.

I've ported the 3 first chapters (mostly done for the fourth).
You can grab the zip file :
Or the source :

Gwenael Casaccio

VisualGST 0.7.0


here is a new release of the new IDE of GNU Smalltalk. With a lot of news :

 * a new interface with tabs
 * better sender/implementor tools
 * code clean up
 * improved debugger
 * bundled with GST
 * many bug fixes :D
 * ...

And as VisualGST is now bundled with GST, you can get it with :

git clone git://
autoreconf -vi
make install

and launch it with :


Formula: Building nice validated forms in Iliad with ease


Building forms is a long, boring and repetitive task.

Hopefully you can use Magritte, a nice meta-description framework which builds forms for your models for you. The problem is that sometimes Magritte is not what you want. You may not want to add class side descriptions to your models everywhere, if all you need is a few forms to edit them.

Another problem is that you end up writing parts the UI in the model. If you reuse your descriptions everywhere it makes sense to avoid duplicating your code, but sometimes those descriptions are just there to build some forms, and at the end it doesn't feel right.

Trying to solve this problem, I wrote a small package for Iliad named Formula. Formula doesn't try to compete with Magritte, it's not about descriptions, just about building forms. It contains widgets for forms, fields and conditions.

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