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Did you tried Pardus? It is a GNU/Linux distribution not as well known as Ubuntu or Fedora but a really serious 3 year project developed by Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE), which is under the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

They just released their third major version, Pardus 2008, so I thought, it might be good to mention about Pardus for people who does not know it.

If you want to understand blocks, then learn Smalltalk

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When I was taking a look at Ruby to learn what is it like, I faced a concept called "block". But I never got it bacause you could do everything with a block, also with traditional methods you learned so far. So I asked myself, why would a human being invent something like block? Maybe this is because of the people who tries to explain the blocks or because of my low IQ but this was the case for me when learning Ruby.

Steve Dekorte's Io Programming Language

I met Io programming language a few weeks ago. It is very simplistic, minimalist and has a consistent syntax. It is a fully object oriented language inspired by Smalltalk. A significant difference from Smalltalk is that it is prototype based, so there are no classes.

To name a few advantages and disadvantages:


  • Very consistent syntax
  • Very minimalistic rules
  • Has a lot of useful methods that makes your life easier
  • Very polished source code
  • Very informative and polished errors
  • Chic documentation


  • I like the writing style:

Dear Diary

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Part I of Blue Book is almost complete, actually I read it but didn't understand the metaclass concept, so I will read last chapter again. Then I am thinking of going through the GNU Smalltalk tutorial so that I can learn the differences between Smalltalk-80 and GNU Smalltalk syntax. Part II is the longest part of the book but once complete I will be able to do practical programming with GNU Smalltalk.

Something Like Comparison Table


I guess the mailing list issue I have is something related with my university internet. So, I haven't solved it yet. Let's continue to make suggestions from here.

One of the other things that experienced users who come across with a new language looking for is a comparsion table of that language with other languages or a simple table that lists whether the language includes some common key features of most programming languages. Like the comparison table here for D programming language:

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