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I guess the mailing list issue I have is something related with my university internet. So, I haven't solved it yet. Let's continue to make suggestions from here.

One of the other things that experienced users who come across with a new language looking for is a comparsion table of that language with other languages or a simple table that lists whether the language includes some common key features of most programming languages. Like the comparison table here for D programming language:

So, I think maybe we can create such a list for GNU Smalltalk which should be very objective so that a newcomer can see the cons and pros of the language quickly. Also some "No"s does not mean that it is one of the cons. For example, a "No" for "Multiple Inheritance" or "Multiple Paradigms" means advantage for a lot of programmers :).

I started writing such a table but it is not complete because I haven't yet learned the language completely and also don't think I'm capable of doing such a technical table all by myself. But I will try to complete it during my learning process. Maybe somebody can also help me to add new entries/delete entries which shouldn't be there/complete the question marks etc... Here is the first draft of it:

Key Features of GNU Smalltalk (Last Edited on 25th May 2008)

Object Oriented: Yes
Multiple Paradigms: No
Dynamic Typing: Yes
Garbage Collection: Yes
Multiple Inheritance: No
Method Overriding: Yes
Nested Classes: No
Nested Methods: No
Class Templates: No
Method Templates: No
Resizeable Arrays: Yes
Built-in Strings: Yes
Array Slicing: Yes (MappedCollection)
Array Bounds Checking: Yes
Modules: Yes
Inline Assembler: No
Guaranteed Initialization: Yes
Exception Handling: Yes
Macro Text Preprocessor: No
Unicode Source Text: Yes
Documentation Comments: Limited

Edit: Thanks goes to Paolo!

Nested Classes: no
Class Templates: no
Method Templates: no
Resizeable Arrays: yes
Array Slicing: yes (MappedCollection)
Array Bounds Checking: Yes
Modules: yes
Inline Assembler: no :-)
Exception Handling: yes
Macro Text Preprocessor: No
Unicode Source Text: yes
Documentation Comments: limited

Thanks! I updated the list according to the above comment.

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