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This is an extremely simple XML creator to create simple XML files quickly. The usage is like this:

html := XMLNode new: 'html'.

body := html add: (XMLNode new: 'body').
body at: 'bgcolor' put: '#ff0000'.

h1 := body add: (XMLNode new: 'h1').
h1 value: 'My Heading'.

p := body add: (XMLNode new: 'p').
p value: 'My paragraph'.

html fileOut: '/home/myhome/sample.xml'.

Which creates an XML file with the following content:

        <body bgcolor="#ff0000">
                <h1>My Heading</h1>
                <p>My paragraph</p>

You can download the package via:

gst-package --download SimpleXMLCreator -t ~/.st

or from: (Non-GNU Smalltalkers can open the star package with their archive manager to look at the code, it is just a zip file)

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