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Part I of Blue Book is almost complete, actually I read it but didn't understand the metaclass concept, so I will read last chapter again. Then I am thinking of going through the GNU Smalltalk tutorial so that I can learn the differences between Smalltalk-80 and GNU Smalltalk syntax. Part II is the longest part of the book but once complete I will be able to do practical programming with GNU Smalltalk.

It is good that I didn't loose my interest in GNU Smalltalk yet :) Actually, I'm looking forward to do some GUI stuff with it. Especially, after seeing the beautiful problem Bichromat had written to Ubuntu forums ( )...

I guess GNU Smalltalk is supporting Tk and GTK.

The challenges on seem interesting!

Is part II the one about the implementation? You don't need it for now, go on with the fun stuff. :-)

Yes, they have made quite a synergy there.

Part II is the part which mentions about some commonly used built-in classes like Integer, Date, Bag etc... Part III is mentioning about probabilistic things, I don't know if Smalltalk has built-in probability classes (if it has, I guess my probability teacher would fall in love with Smalltalk :) ) Finally, the last part which is Part IV is explaining the imlementation.

Part III is an example of a Smalltalk application (a simulation framework including those probability classes).

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