Broken a Record


Today, I've just broken my old record of writing an errorless program at the first try with 29 lines of code which includes creating classes, subclasses, methods, comments and doing some test :) Hooray Smalltalk! What is your record and in what language? Leave a comment :)

PLT Scheme, using the Dr Scheme editor - about 2 pages.

Not exactly fair, since the Dr Scheme editor does so much checking ahead of time, it's easy to get a compile 1st time.

Oh, and seriously, that reCaptcha thing? It's mostly incomprehensible. English is my first language and I couldn't get the fist couple right.

Sorry, you were unlucky. I usually get one unreadable captcha in 10-15 tries.

The very first program I wrote was about 150 lines in BASIC. I typed it in, and it worked perfectly. It's been all downhill from there. :)

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