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OnlineTester: Benchmarking revisited

Some time ago, I ran a benchmark on some aspects of a real-world web application based on gst and iliad. You can see the results here. Some months have passed since then, both Iliad and GNU Smalltalk have moved on. And you can see it!

Hire and Fire


Whenever I write something like the following, I feel homesick for ruby, where I never have to close files by myself.

 stream := FileStream fopen: 'registry.dump' mode: #write.
 [ ObjectDumper dump: registry to: stream ] ensure: [ stream close ]

Would anybody else beside me consider the following (fancily named) pattern useful?

 Object [ 
   hire: aBlock fire: cleanup [ 
     ^ [ aBlock value: self ] ensure: [ cleanup cull: self ]

OnlineTester: Benchmarking

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This post describes a session measuring the behavior of an Iliad web application using AJAX request. Memory consumption and run time were investigated for different numbers of simultaneous users.


Memory usage has drastically improved since the first public test session, it is down by about 50%. There is still some room for improvement, but the changes of the last two weeks have been impressive. As far as speed and stability is concerned, the application performs very well, even under (relatively) heavy load.

Vim and gst REPL

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There is an extremely valuable (and small) vim plugin slime.vim out there, with a nice description of the how, why and what at the author's site:
With this simple plugin, you can edit your code in a vim "worksheet" and send it over to *any* REPL (bash, gst, sbcl, vim, ...) that is running in a screen session.

OnlineTester: An Arcane Adventure. Part 4: More Widgets, AJAX requests

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On the menu for the final part of the series are three widgets that make up the meat of the application, i.e. the part with which the students will be interacting the most.

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