Iliad 0.9 is out!


We are proud to announce the release of Iliad 0.9.

Changes include:

  • several improvements in Formula, including number input support
  • a Better detection of dirty widgets to avoid rebuilding widgets several times
  • iliad.js can be enabled/disabled with iliad.enableAjax() / iliad.disableAjax()
  • improvements of the API for redirection links
  • the initial redirect in the dispatcher has been removed
  • support for even/odd columns in ILDatagrid
  • as usual, a lot of bug has been fixed

Iliad 0.9 is available for GNU-Smalltalk, a Pharo port will follow.

You can install it using gst-package:

gst-package --download grease -t ~/.st
gst-package --download iliad -t ~/.st

Alternatively, you can clone the git repository at:

Many thanks to (in no particular order) Paolo Bonzini, and Canol Gökel for their help, reporting bug and fixing them.

Nicolas Petton & Sébastien Audier

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