Iliad 0.8 released!


We are happy to announce the release of Iliad version 0.8 for GNU Smalltalk et Pharo.

New features include:

  • Iliad is now using Grease and non portable code has been partially replaced;
  • The "mark dirty" mechanism has been rewritten to improve support for tabs/windows sharing the same session;
  • The new Formula package makes it easy to build validated forms;
  • Control flow has been improved with new widgets (like confirmations, sequences, etc) and widgets can append or prepend other widgets;
  • In addition to static files served with ILDiskDirectory, they can also be served from the image with ILMemoryDirectory;
  • Smalltalk code can be evaluated on DOM events with #onDo: ;
  • Rewrite rules can be applied to the url builder;

Last but not least, the release also includes an experimental implementation of Comet using XmlHttpRequest long polling.

GNU Smalltalkers can download Iliad with gst-package (using GST 3.2):

gst-package -t ~/.st --download grease
gst-package -t ~/.st --download iliad

Or clone it from github:

git clone git://

Pharo users can download a preconfigured image:

Or download Iliad packages from the SqueakSource repository:

We would like to thank Steven Costiou for his work on the Pharo version of Iliad.

This new gst-package thing is great! Downloading and installing a package right from the git repository, wow.

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