Iliad 0.8 Beta 1


The first beta of the 0.8.x branch of Iliad is finally out!

The release is only available for GNU-Smalltalk for now, but the Squeak/Pharo version should come next week, and a VisualWorks port is expected too.

This release includes a lot of new stuff. Especially, we fixed a lot of bugs, improved the widget hierarchy and the javascript layer, added the new Formula package, the ability to evaluate smalltalk code on DOM events, and many more.

As always, you can get it by cloning the git repository

git clone git://
cd iliad
git checkout 0.8b1

To run the demo applications, start Swazoo

./script/start -p 7777

and go to http://localhost:7777/browse.

Note that the blog example is broken for now, but it will hopefully be fixed before the final release.

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