Iliad 0.8.1 released!


We just released Iliad 0.8.1. This is a bug fix release with small improvements.

Especially, we fixed an annoying bug related with session expiration, and improved Formula with global conditions and errors. The Comet API changed a bit too, you can read a blog post about it:

We also removed all hard-coded javascript generated in HTML pages. The javascript layer is now entirely responsible for automatic AJAX.

We encourage everyone using Iliad 0.8 to upgrade to 0.8.1.

GNU Smalltalk

There are now 2 git repositories and GNU Smalltalk projects, one for the stable branch and another one for the development branch.

gst-package --download iliad -t ~/.st #latest stable release
gst-package --download iliad-dev -t ~/.st #development branch

The git repository for the stable branch can be browsed at:


Pharo users can install Iliad 0.8.1 with Metacello as explained on this page:

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